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Apollinaris Mineral Water

Georg Kreuzberg In 1852 Georg Kreuzberg purchases a vineyard in Bad Neuenahr, Germany. The wines do not grow very well, and Georg drills deep to find out why. At 50 ft of depth he finds a spring of finest quality naturally carbonated mineral water. With wine still on his mind, Georg calls the spring Apollinaris. By 1860, sales reach 40,000 clay bottles. Exports to England attract Royal attention, and in 1897 Queen Victoria and her son Edward, Prince of Wales, select Apollinaris as court supplier. Apollinaris company-logo Apollinaris medium carbonated mineral water Apollinaris mineral water spring

Today, two springs in Germany's Vulkaneifel region, not far from Gerolstein, supply all of Apollinaris' production needs. One of them, the spring in Bad Neuenahr, is the same Georg dug in 1852. Apollinaris mineral water and a cup of coffee

A fine mineral water goes well with a cup of coffee. The mineral water's hydrogen carbonate renders it alkaline, neutralizing the highly acidic coffee. Apollinaris mineral water and a plate of gourmet food

Friends of gourmet food value a glass of Apollinaris mineral water with their meal. The water's high content of hydrogen carbonate neutralizes the taste buds and helps to recognize the food's fine aromas.