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Bio-Familia Swiss Müesli

Bio-Familia company logo

Bio-Familia AG was launched in 1954 with the idea to market müesli cereals developed by Dr. Max Bircher half a century earlier. Home-made müesli is a staple on many Swiss breakfast tables. Just some people feel they don't have the time and prefer ready-to-eat müesli.

Bio-Familia purchases grains from local organic farmers and is a certified Swiss organic food manufacturer.

Bio-Familia bowl of Swiss muesli

These days most of us eat too much, especially too much sugar, fat, and salt. On the other hand, we do not eat enough fibers. With müesli, you cannot go wrong. Müesli is rich in complex carbo hydrates, minerals, and vitamins. It does not place an exceccive load on your digestive system, but gives you long-lasting energy and maintains your blood sugar levels.

Bio-Familia Swiss Bircher muesli logo

Bio-Familia müesli is distributed in the USA by Whole Foods Market.