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Dr. med. Max Bircher

Dr. med. Maximilian Oskar Bircher, 1867-1939Max Bircher was a sickly child, and as a young doctor, came down with a mild case of jaundice. Eating raw apples, Max recovered quickly.

Max became convinced in the healing power of raw food. Observing the simple life style of sheperds in the Swiss Alps, he developed his nutritional ideas, testing them on himself, his family, and his patients. Max developed a dish of raw oats and apples, condensed milk, nuts, and lemon juice, and called it Müesli.

Dr. med. Andres BircherIn 1904 Max started his own Zurich clinic called "Living Power", where sensational cases of healing have been recorded.

Today, Max' grandson Dr. med. Andres Bircher heads the Center for Scientific Natural Medicine Bircher-Benner, in Le Pont, Switzerland, where a carefully developed diet of delicious raw foods is offered as part of the treatment.

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