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Kruegermann company logo

In 1896 August-Karl Krügermann started his pickling business in the small town of Lübbenau, Germany. In 1961 the communist government nationalized the business, and grandson Kurt Krügermann fled with wife Helga and three-year old Greg to California, where they started all over again. Kurt and Helga stayed true to their Old World family recipies and today supply some of the finest gourmet food markets with their high-quality pickles.

The cucumbers Kruegermann uses are grown on the Fazio Family Farm in Portland, Oregon, and on a family owned farm in Stockton, California. The cabbage for Sauerkraut, Kraut Salad and Rotkohl comes from a local farmer in the Edna Valley near San Luis Obispo, California, who grows it from Kruegermann's special variety of seeds. Kruegermann only uses beets grown in Texas. Fresh spices are grown on Abraham Farm in Fresno, California. Kruegermann grows, harvests, and dries their own bay leaves. Cucumber seeds for Senfgurken mustard pickles are imported from Germany, and the cucumbers are grown in California's Central Valley. All Kruegermann products are paseurized without using preservatives. Kruegermann complies to strict California canning laws. Every batch of every product has precise records of ingredients and not only has been field inspected before release but is also lab inspected with all individual samples on file with the State of California. View all Kruegermann products.


Spreewaldhof company logo In 1991 siblings Karin Seidel and Konrad Linkenheil purchased a pickle processing plant that used to be run by the East German communist government. They started a new Spreewaldhof company and ran it from €3.58M to €69M in just 12 years!

Collection of Spreewaldhof German pickles

Spreewaldhof brand pickles are grown and processed in the Spreewald region of Germany.

The gherkins are prepared either as sour or as unfermented pickles.