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Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water

Rudolf Ehrenfried Buse

Rudolf Ehrenfried Buse

Gerolstein, Germany


Gerolstein is a town in the German region of Vulkaneifel, which was volcanically active until about 10,000 years ago. Rainwater seeping through layers of volcanic rock is saturated with valuable minerals.

Rudolf Ehrenfried Buse drilled for carbon gases exhausting form the volcanic rock, but also found mineral-rich naturally carbonated water. In 1883 he started bottling the water that had already been known to the Romans for its healing properties. Gerolsteiner natural sparkling water Gerolsteiner company logo

Every mineral has a specific effect on our health: Calcium is beneficial to the growth and strength of bones and teeth. Magnesium benefits the nerves and stimulates the heart and circulation. Hydrogen carbonate influences the acid-base balance and protects against hyperacidity and heartburn.

Water is well-balanced when it contains the best substances in an ideal proportion. A high sodium content combined with too much chloride can make water taste salty. Mineral water with a high sulfate content often tastes bitter. Gerolsteiner contains a lot of calcium and magnesium and a comparatively small amount of sodium, chloride or sulfate. Gerolsteiner is naturally ideally mineralized. This perfect balance, combined with the invigorating carbonic acid, makes for such a pleasantly neutral and refreshing flavor.

Brand Calcium Magnesium Natrium Hydrogen Carbonate
Gerolsteiner Sprudel 348 108 118 1,816
Apollinaris Classic 90 120 470 1,800
San Pellegrino 181 54 36 239

miligram per liter