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Jacobs German Coffee History

Johann Jacobs, portrait

Young Johann Jacobs sees no future on his partent's farm. In 1895 he starts a food store in Bremen, Germany. The store focuses on imported specialty foods, green coffee beans, among other things.

Back in those days people took the green coffee beans home and roasted them on their kitchen stoves. That gave Johann an idea. In 1907, he sells ready-to-brew coffee beans that he roasted in his shop. Giving different kinds of coffee beans a slightly different twist in the roaster, he is able to produce coffee variations with their own distinct flavor. Jacobs coffee is an instant success!

Johann Jacobs, first coffee delivery truck

World War I introduces import bans on coffee and other luxury food items. Johann is a tough guy and survives selling oats, sugar, grits, and rice. But the hyperinlation after the war melts down his capital. He hast to start all over again from scratch, and he does it in style: A first delivery truck makes his name popular around town and helps to attract hotels and other commercial customers. A mail order business follows and expands the business beyond the city of Bremen, and with the Norddeutscher Lloyd ocean shipping company on the customer list, the sky became the limit...

The Statue of Liberty holds up a cup of Jacobs German coffee

In 1930 Johann's nephew Walther J. Jacobs joins the business, contributing marketing experience gatherered in the United States. By the end of the 1930 Johann Jacobs & Co. is a Reichsmark 9.5M business.

Jacobs German Coffee Products

Jacobs Kroenung German coffee

Krönung literally means coronation and that's how Jacobs calls their very best product. You simply can't top that!