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Karcher Electric Pressure Washers for Home Use

Karcher makes three classes of electric pressure washers for home use: Good, Better, and Best, where the water pressure produced markes the difference between the classes.

Class Water Pressure
Good 1400 to 1600 PSI
Better 1800 PSI
Best 1850 to 2000 PSI

Karcher Cleaners: Electric Pressure Washer K 2.050

Karcher makes electric pressure washers for the home. 13 models to choose from:

At 12.4 lbs this K 2.050 is the smallest unit.

Karcher K 2.050 electric pressure washer

Electric Pressure Washer K 3.79 M

The K 3.79 M features an upright, ergonomic design, is easy to maneuver and takes up very little storage space.

Karcher K 3.79 M electric pressure washer

You can even draw water from a standing source, a feature that comes in handy when a water faucet isn't available. Much quieter than a gasoline pressure washer and certified by CSA International for safety, the K 3.79 M is perfect for residential neighborhoods.

Karcher K 3.79 M electric pressure washer detachable detergent tank

Detachable detergent tank provides convenient soap dispensing. Simply fill the tank with pressure washer detergent, attach the VPS Wand to the trigger gun and select the low pressure setting. The detergent will be automatically injected into the water spray at the correct ratio.

Karcher K 3.79 M electric pressure washer trigger gun

Total stop function on trigger gun: motor only runs while you spray, reducing noise and power consumption.

Karcher K 3.79 M electric pressure washer Dirtblaster spray wand

Use the included Dirtblaster™ Spray Wand to clean heavily soiled brick, stone, concrete, metal and other non-delicate surfaces.

Karcher K 3.79 M electric pressure washer Vario Power spray wand

For less intense cleaning, use the adjustable Vario Power Spray (VPS) Wand. Simply dial up the amount of pressure you wish to use. Twist to the lowest setting to automatically apply detergent (Detergent sold separately).