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Konditormeister German Bakery

Konditormeister Boston German bakery logo Konditormeister strawberry cake Konditor Meister is a title meaning “master in the art of making pastries”. Born and raised in Germany's Black Forest region, Guenther Moesinger, at the age of thirteen, was apprenticed to become a master baker. Guenther attained the title “meister” in pastry making in 1985, then was quickly recruited by the Ritz-Carlton Boston, where he met his Rebecca. Rebecca and Guenther decided to become entrepreneurs, starting their own bakery.

Wedding Cake

Konditormeister wedding cake Where do you find the best Boston wedding cakes?

The Wedding Day Online magazine places Konditor Meister in the top four Boston bakeries.

Birthday Cakes

Konditormeister birthday cake for grown-ups How would you feel if someone presented you with a birthday cake like this one? This cake is a masterpiece, and so are you!

Konditormeister children's birthday cake You may say: Hey, this is way too fancy! My one-year old will not appreciate this!

Well, then you appreciate it! You never had a cake like this when you were a child, so go ahead and dive in!

Cakes For All Occasions

Konditormeister Thanksgiving cake Could there be more to the Thanksgiving desert than pumpink pie? Why not surprise your dinner guests with something they never expected? They will all complain that there is no more room, as they do every year, but one thing is for sure: Friday morning will not a crumb of your Konditormeister Thanksgiving cake!

Konditormeister Lemon cake Too much sugar? Add some lemon!