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Lindt Swiss Chocolates

portrait of Rudolf Spruengli

In 1845 David Sprüngli and his inventive son Rudolf employed a fashionable new recipe from Italy for manufacturing chocolate in solid form, using the method already adopted by François-Louis Cailler in Vevey and Philippe Suchard in Neuenburg.

In 1899 Rudolf's son Johann acquired the small but famous chocolate factory of Rodolphe Lindt in Berne, transferring the manufacturing secrets and the Rodolphe Lindt brand name to the Sprüngli company.

portrait of Rodolphe Lindt

Rodolphe Lindt was probably the most famous chocolate-maker of his day. In 1879 he developed a technique by which he could manufacture chocolate which was superior to all others in aroma and melting characteristics.

Using the "conche" he had invented, he produced chocolate with the wonderfully delicate flavour and melting quality which we know and love to this day. His "melting chocolate" soon achieved fame, and contributed significantly to the worldwide reputation of Swiss chocolate.

Assortment of Lindt Excellence bar chocolates

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Lindt Truffes Orange

Discover the Truffles Fondant Intense, literally "Intense Melt Truffle," a traditional recipe made with cocoa butter: an extremely tender center enrobed in a layer of fine chocolate, dusted with pure cocoa powder.