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Melitta German Coffee

Melitta Coffee Company Logo

How did people drink their coffee before Melitta? They simply put a spoonful of ground coffee beans into their mugs and poured hot water on top of it. This way you got all the flavor and rich taste in your coffee to enjoy. The problem was you ended up with a few unpleasant crumbs of ground coffee beans on your tongue, just when you were about to finish enjoying your perfect mug of coffee.

Melitta Bentz, portrait

You would'nt like that would you? Mrs. Melitta Bentz of Dresden, Germany didn't either. Melitta thought about a way to filter the ground beans out of the coffee without loosing the coffee's flavor. She experimented with brass funnels and her son's school ink blotting paper as filtering material. Melitta bit her teeth into it and on June 20th, 1908, the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin granted Mrs. Melitta a patent on a coffee filter using special filter paper.

Melitta and her husband Hugo started the Melitta Bentz company the same year. In 1909 they sold 1.200 brass coffee filters. Today, Melitta's grandsons Thomas and Stephan Bentz are running a group of almost 50 companies employing more than 3,200 people world wide.

Melitta German Coffee Products

Melitta Blueberry Cobbler 9oz ground coffee pack

Today, Melitta offers gourmet quality whole beans and ground coffee, next to their classic coffee filters. There is also a top-of-the-line series of coffee making equipment.

The Melitta Dessert Collection of 9oz ground coffee bags include:

Melitta Classic Premium Blend 23oz can of ground coffee

Melitta also sells 11.5oz and 23oz cans of ground coffee. The series includes:

Melitta Organinc Morning Bliss 10oz bag of light roast coffee

A select number of farmers still grow their coffee the same way they have done for generations. They plant and nuture each coffee tree using only environmentally friendly techniques. These farmers harvest each crop by hand. The coffee from these farms is 100' organic and the flavor is pure. Melitta uses only these premium quality high altitude arabica beans in their line of World Harvest Organic Coffees. The Organic series 10oz bags includes:

Melitta Hawaiian Estate coffee

Melitta's World Harvest Estate Coffees represent the ultimate finds of a search for the world's best coffees. Coffee drinkers around the world know about Hawaii's reputation for producing the ultimate in premium coffee. The coffee of the Lawa'i Estate on the island of Kauai, however, just may be the best kept secret. The Melitta World Harvest series of 10oz ground coffee bags include: