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Prünte German Bread

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In 1778 Georg Prünte started his own bakery near Münster, Germany. In the 1930s, Wilhelm Prünte moved the business a hundred miles south to the mining town of Gelsenkirchen. Hard-working and well-paid miners provided a large market for nutricious, qualtity bread. Quality is the hallmark of Prünte breads to this day. The bakery is still family-owned and run, and primarily sells to local groceries. An increasing number of people outside Germany are beginning to discover the quality of Prünte breads made in their particular Westphalian style.

Prünte Four Grain Bread

Pruente 4 grain bread

Prünte four-grain bread combines flax seed and roasted sesame with a particularly high amount of our homemade aromatic and natural sourdough.

To make this bread irresistible, toast it to a crip before serving.

Prünte Sunflower Seed Bread

Pruente sunfower seed bread Prünte sunflower seed bread is baked with carefully selected whole sunflower seeds and much love. This bread is a hearty and tasteful, fresh and juicy.

Prünte Pumpernickel Bread

Pruente pumpernickel bread

The story goes that Napoleon on his way through Westphalia was served the particularly dark and heavy bread of that region. He did not think much of it and commanded it to be fed to his horse Nicol, saying: «C'est bon pour Nicol». That is how the name Pumpernickel stuck to the bread.

True story or not, Pumpernickel bread is made from coarsly ground rye, backed for 20 hours and left to ripen for another 24 hours before being cut and packed. The long baking period turns starch into sugar, giving this bread a slightly sweet taste and almost solid black color.

Warning! There are many cheap imitators, who, in an attempt to cut baking time, add molasses and yeast. They then have to add preservatives to keep it from going bad. Do not eat this awefull stuff!