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Rimowa German Luggage Products

Rimowa classic flight briefcase

Rimowa (Warning! The Rimowa web site plays music!) started as a luggage manufacturer in 1898 in Cologne, Germany under the corporate name "Kofferfabrik Paul Morszeck".

Richard Morszeck, the founder's son, was inspired by an unusual material. In 1937 he launched the first aluminium-made overseas trunk on the market. The year 1950 saw the first suitcase made of aircraft aluminium with the typical Rimowa grooved structure that is today the unmistakable sign of Rimowa the world over. The advantage of this design is a a maximum stability at a minimal weight.

Air travellers soon came to prefer the lightweight Rimowa aluminium suitcases because they can withstand extreme weather conditions without damage.

To find a Rimowa dealer near you, please go to Rimowa.de.

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