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Johann Viessmann

Johann Viessmann, portrait Viessmann 1930 steel water boiler

The year 1917 was Johann Viessmann's year: He came back out of World War I, his son Hans was born, and he started his own locksmith's business, making farm machinery.

Conversations with local farmers made Johann think about their green house heaters. He quickly realized their cast iron boilers were inefficient because they were designed around the limitations of the casting process. In 1928 Johann introduced his first own boiler, made of welded steel pipes. His steel boilers delivered heat much quicker and saved fuel. Johann's product was an instant hit!

Viessmann company logo Today, Johann's grandson Martin employs 6,800 people world-wide, operating 10 manufacturing facilities in Germany, France, and Canada.

Viessmann Residential Heating Systems

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