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Viessmann Oil Heating Systems

Viessmann Vitola 200 oil heater basement installation

Viessmann company logo

This is the Viessmann Vitola 200 oil burning boiler. The Vitola 200 is also available as gas boiler.

It is shown here together with a hot water tank of the Vitocell series.

The Vitola 200 is extremely econmical because it tolerates a modulating boiler water temperature. When no heat is required, the boiler switches off completely.

Viessmann Vitola 200 oil heater cutaway view

Vitotronic 200 digital control unit

Biferral heat exchanger

Low-emission burner

Highly effective insulation

Designed for modulating boiler water temperatures without a low limit. The biferral heat exchanger surface of cast iron and steel provides for a high reliability and a long service life.
Viessmann Vitola 200 heat exchanger